Our equipment for marking: Marker Fiber, table size 200x200mm, height 300mm. Possibility to mark on round surfaces.

Laser marking is the marking of parts, tools or other materials using different types of lasers. The product labeling service guarantees not only the protection of the product against counterfeiting, but also longevity – it is impossible to chemically affect the laser-marked product. Marking of a product is usually carried out when particularly high safety and durability requirements are set.

Advantages of laser marking for business:

  • This raises the status / value of the company
  • Allows you to provide the consumer with the necessary product information
  • Distinguishes the product from others
  • Even minimal information on a detail attracts the customer’s attention, showing exclusivity

Depending on the quality of the material and the requirements for the final product, an extremely high quality result can be obtained. Laser marking is commonly used to mark various types of products in industry, from metal work tools, information boards, transport or product marking, microprocessors to product dating and serial numbering on production lines.

The FIBER laser is specially designed for marking metal and most plastics. No paste is required for the job, so the inscription stays on for a long time and doesn’t erase. The uniqueness of our laser is that it can engrave a transparent surface without damaging it.

Such exclusive marking is widely used in jewelry processing. If you want to quickly and qualitatively place a note or drawing on a pendant or bracelet, for example, you should choose marking as a way to personalize your product.


  • computers and their accessories
  • cameras
  • mobile phones
  • barcodes
  • industrial barcodes (Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code, Maxi Code and etc.)
  • animal identification tables
  • CE tables
  • electronic accessories
  • car parts
  • expensive tools for security purposes
  • cutlery
  • medical tools